Guidance for Stats Officers

Please submit all results in the format (Comp Code) space Div (number).pdf

So 25yd individual league div 5 would be sent as ISRR Div 5.pdf

It would help greatly if you could convert xls or doc formats to PDF as it will make the site work efficiently.

I have used pdf as it is the most universally available format across all platforms.

Some divisions are run on a “super league basis” in that the division of 6 is split in two, it varies quite just how it is split.

In those divisions shooter from the lower divisions can take points from the higher div shooters but can only win the division they are in.

From a stats officer point of view you will need to do nothing extra, the score sheets will sort it all.

Please download the latest version for the division you are scoring as all have been modified to give position based on points and aggregate. They will also provide a best 5 ex 6 average. This will help with next seasons entries. Those with the more complicated divisions I will set up for you.

 Any queries please get in touch.



There is some confusion re bogies so here is the quick explanation. If you have a division with a bogey to start it is advisable to download the “Bogey” score sheet. It will work out everything for you, otherwise it is the rounded average of the shooter who is against the bogey

If a shooter drops out before starting then a Bogey is substituted. The bogey is the rounded up or down of the shooter competing, not the shooter who has dropped out. If a shooter drops out after starting then NCR applies.

Guidance for club scorers

It has been commented on that the score returns are a bit disjointed for want of a better expression.

To combat this there are now some standardised return sheets in xls format and these have been designed to work in harmony with the score sheets.

To this end would you please use these when sending in scores

Also emails will be changing to make life easier. Instead if individual emails to many scorers there is now an email address for each league.

So for all air pistol, team and individual the email will be

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The score sheet templates and score return sheets are downloadable from here.

Click button to go to downloads page

You will also find a link to WPS Office which is free and has an excellent spreadsheet.

Return Forms Score Sheets WPS Office